Twenty Two Years to Life - Mohammed Massoud Morsi

Twenty Two Years to Life - Mohammed Massoud Morsi

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What is the one thing you wish for more than anything else in the world?

And what would you do if that one thing, once granted, was taken from you?

Fathi wakes up one morning to discover Allah has decided to give every old chicken a second chance. And, as it turns out, this couple still in love since their rainstorm meeting two decades earlier. Together they journey from one gated city to the next -sometimes of their own volition, sometimes with a gun to their back- all the while praying for that one thing...

And when their life takes an even more dramatic turn, Fathi takes the only course of action that is left to take...

Based on a true story, this tale will make you grateful for every little thing you have taken for granted...

"There is love and there is terror. This is life for most Palestinians in Gaza. Morsi is a brave writer who opens to us a world the corporate media conveniently ignores"

Omar Hussein

"A true story which may cause you to shed tears but will most certainly open your eyes to the cruelties and injustices Palestinians face on a daily basis under the Israeli occupation."

Leanne Mohamad

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