our committees


Since the beginning of the work of this committee in the preservation, development and dissemination of the Palestinian material heritage, more than five hundred sisters from the Palestinian camps in Jordan have been employed, in addition to the employment of a number of women who work as seamstresses to complete the full-time process of this project.

The committee carries out its work adhering to the units found on the old dresses in embroidery first, which expresses the history of Palestine, in addition to preserving the spirit of heritage in general while developing it to suit the requirements of people's lives at the present time. The embroidered sisters meet once a week to receive pieces prepared for that in terms of design, preparation, number of colors and others. The sisters also hand over the pieces that we have finished to complete the necessary preparations to get them out in the appropriate way.

The production is marketed locally through the same center through a permanent exhibition open to heritage at any time, or through exhibitions in different Arab countries.

Media Committee

One of the main pillars of supporting humanitarian and social issues is the existence of a media platform that serves the Palestinian cause and sheds light on its circumstances and reasons, and our belief in the justice of the Palestinian cause and the prominent role that the media plays in consolidating it and introducing people (Palestinians, Arabs and the international community) to its justice and the conditions of occupation and others. It carries out various activities that we mention Later, the most important of them is the calendar and the various lectures on the Palestinian issue.

Finance Committee

It follows up all financial matters related to the center, including accounting for all projects, follow-up of transfers of aid approved by the administrative body, and payment of salaries. The accountant then follows up on the entries, expenses and transfers on an ongoing basis.

The Dr. Ibrahim Al Abbasi Foundation for Legal Auditing supervises the audit of the issuance of the annual budget of the Center.

Popular Dishes Project

The popular dish is one of the pillars of the Palestinian heritage that highlights an aspect of our identity, and it contributes to the definition of Palestinian folk dishes on the one hand, and extends the hand of financial support to a number of women working in this project on the other hand.

We have in the item of the center's products the complete list of the dishes that we prepare and the prices of each of them for the request of those who wish.