From the start of our journey our main goal was the preservation, development and dissemination of Palestinian material heritage. Through our efforts, we have been able to employ more than 350 Palestinian refugee women living in the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. We aspire to reaffirm the Palestinian national identity by its handicrafts, preserve Palestinian embroidery and support education and families in need.


Some of our objectives include the support of the Palestinian population of the homeland in their resolve and determination. Revive and preserve Palestinian Culture as a major element that bind society. Improve standard of living of less fortunate families by employing over 350 women by:

- Embroidery: Refugee women are employed as embroiderers and pass the knowledge of a historical significant symbol of Palestinian culture and art to younger generations.

- Culinary Arts: refugee women are also employed in the center’s kitchen, where they lovingly share a variety of ethnically national Palestinian dishes.


- Developing relationships with underprivileged families to provide proper financial support and aid to more than 330 disadvantaged families.

- The Center also sponsors over 225 students in Palestinian and Jordanian colleges and universities, who have and go on to lead very promising careers.

- Investing and supporting associations and institutions in Palestine

Some of the Center’s accomplishments included support of some of the vital institutes such as Al-Maqased hospital in Jerusalem which was established in 1968 with substantial financial support from The State of Kuwait. The Center is also working on providing the necessary financing of the Water Desalination Project in Gaza for producing potable water and assisting Gaza area hospitals that were bombarded by Israel, such as Al-Shifa Hospital, to produce and store oxygen for medical purposes.