Sew to Speak - Siham Abu Ghazaleh
Sew to Speak - Siham Abu Ghazaleh

Sew to Speak - Siham Abu Ghazaleh

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Sew to Speak tells the moving story of one Palestinian woman and her 50-year quest to safeguard Palestinian culture through the preservation and promotion of its national costume. It is also an effort to document the vital contributions of the General Union of Palestinian Women, a group of dedicated volunteers who have worked tirelessly to preserve Palestinian identity and cultre through love, conviction, pride and hope.

The book describes the rewarding work of GUPW as well as the obstacles faced by the group. It documents its activities in detail as a part of the history of Palestinian women’s struggle for liberation, the role it plays, and the impact of its work in promoting and fulfilling Palestinian rights, including:

  • Empowering Palestinian women and their families towards self-sufficiency
  • Protecting Palestinian culture and identity from Zionist theft
  • Fundraising for student education and social welfare programs
  • Lecturing and exhibiting Palestinian culture throughout the world
  • Organizing a humanitarian effort outside the region’s traditional family support system

In short, Sew to Speak leaves for future generations an important historical record that chronicles how Palestinians from all walks of life fought for their humanity, education, identity, and dignity on a daily basis—peacefully, but passionately.

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